Looking Forward 

As days passes by , my heart begins to feel so heavy. Questions started to dance around on my mind .What would they look like ? , Will they take after my looks ? , Or they’ll take it after there dad . Every new day is a new beginning in this life , every challenges we face is a win for us . A lot has happened lately , the passing away of my husband’s dad was not so easy . We know how much they were looking forward to the arrival of there grandchildren . This would be there first grandkids together , unfortunately things changes now . Eventually everything is falling back to its own places now , as we prepare ourselves for our visitors . 

The doctors have started to discuss with me about C-Section , due to some health issues which doesn’t bring me down because I do believe and trust in the Lord . The Lord will make it happen , and let everything that is bound to occur be in his presence . We have come a long way , and as a first timer mom and dad will not be easy . Therefore will put in our outmost best in raising our kids and most importantly cherished every moments with them , because this moment will never come back .